video: Ambassador of Ukraine, Z.E. Dhr. Ihor Dolhov

Interview with the Ambassador of Ukraine, Z.E. Dhr. Ihor Dolhov

As you can imagine, on the regular basis, representatives and leaders of the European football association, continuously visit Ukraine and sites where Euro 2012 will take place. So according to their opinion, not mine and not internal only, we are in line , we are in time, we are in a good shape and everything will be ready for this event to make a real event for all Europe.

Ok, that’s great, that’s great.
The Euro 2012 is an important, let’s say event, for the overall openness of Ukraine. It’s an opportunity to show the world how Ukraine is ready to receive visitors, tourists, but as well investors of course. Can you briefly highlight how is the current investment climate in Ukraine?

Yes, of course, but let me start also with more simple things, which are more visible for visitors and possible investors too. In the year 2005, Ukraine cancelled reservation for all Europeans and US-citizens, who can easily and who can easily not travel to Ukraine, and it was a big step forward. The investment climate, what is need to be done, and government is doing a huge job in decreasing the number of regulations and to make this climate more transparent and understandable. Not only for foreign investors, but for internal investors too. This again, is a new trend which is visible and well-known to major players on a global scale. Ukrainians now are investors themselves, not only within the country, but also abroad. So this flow of money is mutual. It’s a highway and this highway becomes wider and wider.

Yes, yes, exactly. To conclude, of course you as an ambassador to as well Belgium of course, how is the current collaboration between Ukraine and Belgium at this stage?

It was always good and we have some new projects which have been started not so long ago, and we expect that with the conclusion of the free trade agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, different opportunities will appear. And Belgian business is very active in Ukraine, so I expect new and new business men, not only to visit Ukraine, but to start activities there. Mostly productive activities, because again, labour force is very experienced, is relatively inexpensive. It is more and more simple to start business in Ukraine. And I expect that it would attract more people, including those from Belgium.

Exactly, Exactly. So the timing is right for investors to come to Ukraine?

Well, yes, maybe it’s even a bit late.

So they have to hurry!

Yes, yes, exactly!

Thank you for the interview.