Clinic and Faculty of Medicine serving as Benchmark in Healthcare sector

University of Medical sciences Rezonanca

The Rezonanca Clinic and the Rezonanca University of Medical Sciences are helping to drive the development of Kosovo’s healthcare sector.

The Rezonanca Clinic reopened in 2000 after being destroyed in the war and now offers a wide range of world-class healthcare services, from neurosurgery and cardiac care to paediatrics, plastic surgery, abdominal surgery, radiotherapy and more. The clinic has implemented cutting-edge diagnostics equipment and technologies and has two locations in Prishtina as well as facilities in Prizren, Gjakova and Orllan-Batllave.

The Rezonanca University of Medical Sciences, licensed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, has introduced 21st century concepts in medical education. Dr. Ramadan Idrizaj, owner of both the clinic and the faculty of medicine, explains, “Our vision for our medical faculty over the coming five years is to continue to improve our medical education and research in line with EU and international standards.” The university aims to offer courses in English, to recruit the finest staff and to form partnerships with other medical institutions abroad. It offers bachelor’s degrees in many health fields.

Building on a strong commitment to the highest international standards, the Rezonanca Clinic and the Rezonanca University of Medical Sciences are improving quality of life for the people of Kosovo.

University of Medical sciences Rezonanca

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