Ukravit – Number One Provider of Crop-Protection Solutions

Vitaliy Ilchenko, CEO
Vitaliy Ilchenko, CEO

Ukravit, established in 1999, provides high-quality crop-protection products for the agriculture sector. Since 2011, the company has been manufacturing its products in its own plant “Agrochemicals Factory Ltd.” in Cherkasy, and is now Ukraine’s biggest provider of crop-protection solutions. Ukravit has its own quality-control laboratory confirmed with the certificate for the quality management system ISO 9001, to ensure that its products always meet the highest standards.

CEO Vitaliy Ilchenko explains, “Since we launched our production facilities, we have grown steadily and now we have the number one position in our field. Ukravit offers more than 100 products in the Ukrainian market. This is a full range of products for the chemical crop protection of cultivated plants: herbicides, seed-treatment products, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators, fertilizers with microelements and also the pest control solutions. Ukravit manufactures around 6,000 tonnes of different products per year and aims to increase its production capacity five-fold over the next five years.”

Ukravit sells its products through a network of 20 distributors all over the country and since 2011 exports them to Georgia and Moldova. Vitaliy Ilchenko says, “One of the advantages of being a local producer is that our products are adapted to the Ukrainian climate and market, which is growing rapidly and constantly upgrading its standards. We will continue to support Ukraine’s agricultural development by creating new products and helping to bring new technologies and greater production capacity to the Ukrainian agriculture sector. The company stands for high-quality products at affordable prices.”

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