The Voice of Uganda’s Farmers

Uganda’s National Farmers’ Federation

Uganda’s National Farmers’ Federation, founded 20 years ago, provides essential support for the agriculture sector. The federation has around 96 members and assists some four million farmers. Charles Ogang, President, explains, “The National Farmers’ Federation plays an important role in the development of the agriculture sector by lobbying for farmers and by supporting technology adoption and partnerships.”

The federation’s work enhances the investment attractions of one of Uganda’s fastest-growing sectors. Charles Ogang points out, “Ugandan agriculture has many competitive advantages, including an ideal climate, fertile land and strong demand from nearby markets. Foreign investors will find huge potential here, and serious partnerships are always encouraged, especially for technology transfer.”

Uganda’s National Farmers’ Federation Logo

Plot 27 Nakasero Road – Kampala
Tel: +256 414 34 0249