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Spearhead Systems

Spearhead Systems leverages the power of modern technologies to help its customers reach their goals. The company’s main business activities are high-performance computing (HPC), IT-infrastructure monitoring, security and cloud computing. “We focus on high-performance-computing support for institutions and companies which want to achieve a lot more with a lot less,” Ioana Pana-Finta, Executive Director, explains.

A passion for Spearhead Systems is to offer HPC support geared to the special needs of scientific and research institutions, although Spearhead also offers its HPC services to multinationals, Internet Service Providers and others. Ioana Pana-Finta points out, “The high-performance-computing market is still fairly small in Romania, so we also offer a wide range of other advanced IT services, but Spearhead definitely has the mindset for high performance. We employ the best people that we can and then we try to help institutions which need the special services we can provide.”

High-performance computing now makes up around half of Spearhead’s business activities, but Ioana Pana-Finta would like to boost that to 70% or 80% with the remainder services involving high-performance components. She says, “Working with HPC means that we are always ahead of the curve. We see technologies two or three years before they become mainstream, so we are very well placed to help our customers get the most performance with the best cost-value ratio.”

Globally-leading technologies and prestigious customers

Spearhead Systems works only with international leaders in high-performance-computing, particularly SGI. Spearhead’s prestigious clients include the National Institute for Aerospace Research (INCAS), the University of Bucharest, the Romanian Institute of Astronomy and the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering. Ioana Pana-Finta says, “Our INCAS project, which we finished at the end of 2015, is one of the biggest HPC projects in Eastern Europe to date. We are completing a full presentation of this project so that our customers here in Romania will better understand exactly what high-performance computing is. Spearhead Systems does not just sell hardware. We ask customers what they need, and we analyse their needs and tell them what we can do for them.” Another new venture for Spearhead is to educate the public about supercomputing.

Ioana Pana-Finta explains that Spearhead Systems will continue to provide cutting-edge HPC support for research institutions. She also urges international companies and investors in Romania to contact Spearhead to discover what his company can do for them. She says, “We offer world-leading high-performance-computing competencies right here in Romania, and Spearhead’s solutions will be much more cost-efficient for you.”

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