Specialised Manufacturer Entering New Markets

SOMATREF demonstrates the potential of Morocco’s private sector. Farid Ibn Khayat Zougari, CEO, explains, “The company was established in 1960 by my parents with only two machines. Over the years we have steadily invested in new equipment and technologies for wire-drawing, metal-weaving and galvanization, with a focus on wire-drawing and related products. We emphasise business-to-business services.”

The independent family-owned enterprise opened a new 20,000-sq-m production facility in 2009 to keep up with growing demand. Farid Ibn Khayat Zougari says, “We have invested in new technologies to allow us to meet international standards so that we can enter the European and US markets. We always welcome new international clients.”

Attractive quality-price ratio

SOMATREF is obtaining ISO certification and has always put the emphasis on quality. Defining the company’s competitive edge, Farid Ibn Khayat Zougari says, “We stand out from our competitors in our quality, service, and attractive quality-price ratio. We are always ready to do what we can to encourage clients to choose us. Once we have an objective and customers, we go full speed ahead.”

Another goal for SOMATREF is to list on the Casablanca stock exchange. Farid Ibn Khayat Zougari concludes, “A company has to reach the same level as its international counterparts, or fail. SOMATREF is ready for global markets.”