World-Class Four-Star Hotel in Quiet District

Sochi palace Armenia

The new four-star Sochi Palace Hotel Complex brings world-class services to Yerevan. The hotel offers a wide range of amenities and services, including free high-speed Internet connections, free parking, an airport shuttle, room service and more. The hotel prides itself on its complete service offering, from providing sumptuous breakfasts to hosting high-profile events. The Sochi Palace Hotel Complex is conveniently located in Jrvezh, a quiet district around 10 km from the centre of Yerevan and just 23 km from Zvartnots Airport. The hotel opened in 2012 and has already become a favourite among visitors to Armenia.

CEO Arsen Khachatryan explains that the Sochi hotel group, owned and operated by himself and his three brothers, is dedicated to providing the kinds of facilities and services that international traveller’s demand. The group operates two hotels in Yerevan, the Sochi Palace and the Sochi Plaza. He says, “I worked with the Sochi group in Russia and saw that there was a need for international-standard hotels in Armenia. I am in charge of operations here. We decided to locate our hotels outside Yerevan’s downtown area because there are already several hotels there and where we are is much quieter.”

At the Sochi Palace, guests have a choice of rooms, from comfortable single rooms to spacious double rooms and suites complete with Jacuzzis. Every room and suite has Internet connections, air-conditioning, a television with a DVD player, and an individual colour scheme. Guests can reserve rooms by telephone or online.

From billiards to fine dining

The Sochi Palace has so many upscale services that its guests often spend every evening at the hotel. Guests can relax in the hotel’s cigar bar or play a round of billiards in the luxurious billiard room, where several international-standard tables are available and a VIP hall is the perfect place to discuss business over a friendly game. The hotel also has its own nightclub, a popular addition to Yerevan’s nightlife scene. Special events are often organised at the Sochi Palace, since it is considered one of Yerevan’s most prestigious hotel venues.

Delicious Armenian and international dishes are served in the hotel’s elegantly decorated restaurant, while the bar specialises in cocktails and a large choice of fine wines. The Sochi Palace Hotel’s spa is the ideal choice for guests who would like to be pampered. The sumptuous spa is beautifully decorated, featuring its own courtyard and a plunge pool, and snacks are served on request.

Ambitious growth plans; partners welcome

The Sochi group has ambitious growth plans and is considering opening a new hotel in Georgia while also expanding in Armenia and other markets. Arsen Khachatryan says, “We want to open Sochi hotels everywhere. Our first priority is to brand Sochi hotels. We would like people to know more about our hotels and we want to be known as a leader in Armenia’s hotel sector. Inside Armenia we have a very strong brand, but outside of Armenia our brand is not very well known. I would like to say our brand is new but it does not suffer because of that.”

The group is also working to bring more charter flights to Armenia, since travelling to the country is currently expensive. Arsen Khachatryan explains that the Sochi group welcomes international partnerships as it pursues its many ambitious projects. He says, “Partnerships are a great way to increase business and we are open and willing to cooperate in any and all partnership opportunities.”

Special tourism services

Sochi Palace is the only hotel in Yerevan which also operates a tourism and marketing department. The Department of Tourism opened in April 2013 and is located just inside the hotel. It offers tour packages and trips to historical sites in Armenia, organises events and provides other tourism services, including on-line booking.
One of the Sochi group’s priorities is to boost the growth of Armenia’s tourism industry. Arsen Khachatryan points out, “Our main challenge is to attract more visitors to Armenia. We want to see more business and leisure tourism and we feel Armenia’s tourism industry has excellent growth potential. Hurdles we are facing are the high cost of flights to Armenia as well as a lack of knowledge of the country in Europe and elsewhere in the world. We are working hard to make our Sochi hotels in Yerevan, and Armenia itself, better known worldwide. We work closely with Armenia’s Ministry of Tourism and other tourism organisations, and we are very much involved in the government’s drive to attract over one million tourists to Armenia.”

Arsen Khachatryan urges international travellers and investors to take a closer look at Armenia. He explains, “People need to know that no matter what is happening beyond Armenia’s borders, it is extremely safe here. Armenia is a wonderful country with welcoming people and many business opportunities. Armenia needs to be presented accurately to people all over the world.”

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