International Car-Hire Specialist on a Growth Curve in Croatia

Sixt Rent-a-Car

Global car-hire specialist Sixt has been operating in Croatia since 2001, when it began with only one office and a fleet of 17 vehicles. Today, Sixt has 12 offices all over Croatia and has expanded its fl eet to include around 800 vehicles during the busy summer season. Part of the global Sixt network, the Croatian operation is owned by Anticus, which also owns Sixt Slovenia. Like all Sixt franchises, Sixt Croatia provides world-class services for individual and corporate clients

Short-term rentals to tourist visitors account for most of Sixt’s businesses in Croatia at present, but the company aims to expand its long-term rental and leasing business, targeting corporate clients. Sixt has already earned a loyal customer base among multi-
nationals, local companies and tourists thanks to its value-added options, international reputation, and convenient locations in all Croatia’s top business centres and tourism destinations, including along the Adriatic coast. Sixt has established partnerships with travel agencies in Croatia and abroad as well as with airlines, rail and cruise services and other companies in the tourism sector.

Growth segment: providing replacement vehicles

Sixt Croatia acquired local car-hire fi rm Atlas Rent-a-Car and is looking to grow in part through acquiring more local companies. Sixt also sees potential in providing replacement vehicles for customers whose own cars are out of service; this is an interesting business segment for Sixt since it is not affected by seasonal variations. Clients for this offering include insurance companies, private automobile clubs and companies needing to supplement the vehicles in their fl eets. Sixt can deliver a replacement vehicle to the customer and provide 24-hour assistance within Croatia.

While the global economic crisis has had negative effects on car-hire operations worldwide, Sixt Croatia has witnessed no drop in business because Croatia’s tourism industry continues to grow. Sixt has even seen an increase in its tourism rentals thanks to a growing number of expatriate Croatians returning to the country for visits as well as a rise in international tourism visitors travelling on new low-cost flights to Croatia.

Sixt Croatia offers a number of value-added services, including full insurance coverage, unlimited mileage, GPS, baby seats, limousine rentals, drivers and more. Sixt Croatia will continue to live up to its motto of providing “the right vehicle at the right time, at the right location, for the right price.”

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