Biggest Wholesale Food Market of Ukraine Seeking Foreign Partners

Roman S. Fedyshyn, Founder Shuvar
Roman S. Fedyshyn, Founder Shuvar

Shuvar, Ukraine’s biggest wholesale market for agricultural goods, aims to expand its sales of high-quality Ukrainian food products. Headquartered in Lviv cooperating with a market in Kiev as well, Shuvar operates according to the highest international standards and was the first company in its sector in the CIS region to achieve ISO 9001 certification.

in 1991, explains, “Shuvar’s competitive edge is our stability, integrity and fast decision-making. We recently met with Italian firms from Padova and Verona concerning distributing their agricultural products here in Ukraine and having them distribute Ukrainian products in Italy, and we are already preparing for the first deliveries in September. We welcome more win-win partnerships with companies and investors in Europe.”

Market handles 19% of western Ukraine’s agricultural products

Shuvar, which opened its first wholesale food market in Lviv in 2000, has established cutting-edge facilities there, including terminals for fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, and for flowers. The market now handles 19% of all agricultural products consumed in western Ukraine and 4.5% of all agricultural goods produced in the country as a whole.

In addition to its local sales, Shuvar exports Ukraine’s agricultural products to markets throughout Europe. The company is always open to new partnerships concerning deliveries and distribution. “We are looking into opportunities in the Balkans and we would also like to see more supermarket-oriented logistics centres enter the Ukraine market,” Roman S. Fedyshyn says.

Shuvar actively promotes the high quality of Ukrainian agricultural products, most of them produced on small family-owned farms where no hormones, pesticides or fertilisers are employed. Roman S. Fedyshyn points out, “We welcome foreign companies who can bring products of equally high quality to Ukraine, as well as implement modern standards of trade operations here.”

With around €10 million in annual turnover, Shuvar plays a major role in Ukraine’s agriculture sector. Shuvar is a recognized leader in the development of WMs (Wholesale Markets of agricultural products) on the territory of CIS. Roman S. Fedyshyn would like to attract more investment to his company so that it would be less dependent on bank loans and freer to pursue its ambitious growth plans. He says, “Shuvar is a transparent, dynamic enterprise and Ukraine is an excellent partner for companies and investors in Europe.”

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