Edible-Oils Producer Has Excellent Track Record

The Brilliant Company was established in 1991 as a private company owned by Mite Nikolov. The production capacities and the administration building of Brilliant are located in the industrial zone of the city of Stip, located in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia.

Modern technology and an enthusiastic team of highly professional technologists, electro-engineers, chemical engineers, economists as well as a large percent of highly qualified workers made it possible for the company Brilliant to grow into a well known, innovative and competitive subject in the food-processing industry in the Republic of Macedonia. Brilliant produces high-quality and safe vegetable oil which meets the highest EU and international standards: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 14001:2004 and GMP.

Kosta Taskov, Deputy Manager, explains, “With the acquisition of the Bulgarian enterprise in 2009, we were able to cover the entire process of manufacturing sunflower oil.” Today, Bulgarian factory produces around 100 tonnes of crude sunflower oil per day and then transports this crude oil to a factory in Macedonia for refining. Kosta Taskov points out that Brilliant invested in Bulgaria because Macedonia produces only around 8,000 tonnes of sunflower seeds per year while Bulgaria’s production is much higher. He says, “We need around 100,000 tonnes of sunflower seeds per year, and we currently purchase around 70,000 tonnes per year from Bulgaria.

Brilliant Company Macedonia

Refining process in Brilliant uses the latest scientific achievements in correlation with the latest German technology. Refinery’s capacity is 150t/day. Refinement process is managed through managing unit PLC (programmable logic controller), and in order to follow the process easier, all its stages are presented visually. With the new, continuous and automated process of refinement we have maximum control and following the process from all key aspects, all in the result of reducing the loss and production expenses. Brilliant factory has formed a laboratory from the first day, in order to execute a control of the processing and quality of the oil, as well as control of the entire technological process.

The laboratory employs trained professional personnel. The method of packing is also of great significance in regards to the maintenance of high quality, as well as the organoleptic characteristics of the refined edible oil. The capacity of the filling and packing line is 8.000 l/h. Brilliant also has its own waste water purification station which is located near the factory, all in order to provide total protection of the environment.

Brilliant is the leader of the domestic market and exports to Albania, Serbia, Greece, Australia and the US. “In the future, Brilliant will continue to improve its technology according to new world’s achievements and increase its capacity” Kosta Taskov emphasizes.

Brilliant Company Macedonia

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