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Bernard De Bruyckere, Sales Director for Belgium
Bernard De Bruyckere, Sales Director for Belgium

Through more than eight decades of dedication to supporting innovative solutions, SECO Group build a superb reputation as an international independent third party and inspection and control body for civil works, buildings and environmental works. Initially established in the Benelux region, SECO Group has grown into a company that offers customer support worldwide. In addition to being the market leader in Belgium, the company is active in more than 20 countries and has supervised over 30 000 public and private projects so far, adding around 1 000 new projects to their portfolio on annual level.

Growing steadily since 1934, SECO Group has proven to be a reliable partner for numerous owners, investors, contractors, architects, engineers, designers, lawyers,developers and property managers, who are more than satisfied with the group’s technical expert services when acquiring, developing, building, maintaining and managing their infrastructure and real estate properties.

The company’s main services include: certification and inspection of products, persons and processes; providing third party opinion on construction, concept, design and execution for buildings and civil works; technical support to building management, transactions (technical due diligence) and maintenance operations of buildings, which has been introduced four years ago.

Adhering to their mission of providing confidence and certainty, SECO Group’s advantages are their dedication to quality, their highly skilled engineers (structural engineering, fire safety, steel, façades and technical installations MEP) and their knowledge regarding standards and regulations. Furthermore, the company adapts quickly to changes, including concerns about maintenance, comfort and sustainability, such as the digitalisation of construction processes, which has an increasing impact on the overall sector.

With offices in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Vietnam and France, as well as assignments on projects worldwide, SECO Group is currently looking to expand and welcomes new potential partners.

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