Pharmaceuticals Leader Welcomes More International Partnerships

Rejsi Farma has been Albania’s number one distributor of pharmaceuticals products for the last five years. The innovative company, which achieved €20.8 million in turnover in 2010, demonstrates the talents and potential of Albania’s private sector. Rejsi Farma works with many of Europe’s leading pharmaceuticals companies – including Roche, Sanofi, Novartis, Bayer, GSK and AstraZeneca – and has earned a strong reputation as a reliable, stable business partner in Albania.

Explaining Rejsi Farma’s competitive edge, Nexhat Sheqi, Director, who runs the company with his wife, Merita Sheqi, says, “We offer high quality products and we work only with serious companies. We are good about making payments and have built up the business slowly and steadily.” He welcomes the chance to work with more international pharmaceuticals companies.

Rejsi Farma

Rejsi Farma has helped build strong foundations for the future growth of Albania’s high potential pharmaceuticals sector and is playing a key role in the drive to make Albania a member of the EU. “We need to brand Albania for the EU and make the country more competitive in dealing with international funders and partners,” Nexhat Sheqi believes. As for Rejsi Farma, he adds, “We will continue to be number one in Albania’s totally open pharmaceuticals sector.”

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