Business, Sports, Shopping & Leisure: Ramada Hotel Antwerp Caters to All

The Ramada Hotel Antwerp has built a name for itself by providing high-quality service and great value to all its guests. Known widely for its knowledge and contribution to sports and leisure, the Ramada Hotel Antwerp also prides itself on giving back to the local community.

While catering to the needs of business travelers – local, as well as from beyond Belgium’s borders – is at the core of Ramada Hotel Antwerp’s activities, a healthy influx of local and foreign tourists has lately been seen.

Management and staff have worked hand in hand to make a name for the Ramada as the sports hotel of Antwerp, as General Manager Caroline Lahou explained: “We worked very hard on that part of the business.”

“Antwerp last year was the European Capital of Sports, but we actually started working on that target five years ago. Within the sports community, we are actually known as a sports hotel. If there is an activity in Antwerp, they know that they can stay at our hotel!”

Serving guests from the film industry, a healthy sector of the local economy, is another significant aspect of Ramada Hotel Antwerp’s operations. “It is a very important market in Antwerp,” Lahou said. “There are a lot of film crews coming over here. So besides renting rooms, we are apparently also a very good location for movie shooting!”

Contributing to the local community through charity events is another important aspect of Ramada Hotel Antwerp’s activities. “In fact, in April we will be participating in ’10 Miles of Antwerp,’” GM Lahou elaborated. “GelleVandecaveye the judoka silver medalist at the Olympics of 1996, is training all of us to prepare us for the marathon! We do this event to raise money for a charity called Beyond the Moon. Besides this, we do a lot of other charity activities because this is part of the philosophy of Ramada.”