World’s Leading Waste Refining Enterprise Seeking New Partners

Mikko Kantero, Vice President and Member of the Board
Mikko Kantero, Vice President and Member of the Board

Preseco Oy, the world’s leading waste refining enterprise, specialises in innovative solutions related to waste, water and energy. Preseco has invested heavily in developing cutting-edge technologies in its field and has established a solid track record in providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for its customers worldwide.

Known for its waste-management services for the past decade, Preseco is now focusing on waste refining, according to Mikko Kantero, Vice President and Member of the Board, who adds that the company expects to increase its turnover in 2011 by 50%. “We provide a synergy of state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge management. We have developed our own technologies and now we are taking them to the next level. We have our traditional waste-management business as well as our new refinery operation which integrates many technologies,” he says.

As a dynamic medium-sized company, Preseco has not only the expertise it needs to be innovative but also the necessary flexibility. Preseco is now looking for partners to help it achieve its ambitious goals. It is open to partnerships concerning the refinery operation or in licensing, joint ventures, or other areas. Mikko Kantero explains, “Preseco has invested around €20 million to become what we are today, so we have an attractive package to offer. We will bring great value into a partnership and the partners we are looking for will add their own value. We know that we can form two or three partnerships from our existing network of contacts, but we also want to get in touch with new companies.”

Exceptional investment opportunity

Preseco is also looking for investing partners. As Mikko Kantero points out, “Waste refining and management is a field where several conventional businesses are combined, including waste, energy, raw materials, chemicals and more, and some investors want to focus on just one. We are looking for a group of investors ready to invest in specific projects that combine these fields. There is great opportunity in the waste refining business today.”

Mikko Kantero welcomes contacts from potential partners and investors. He concludes, “We want to change our mindset from waste management to waste refining, and to find partners who will join us in this new endeavour. At Preseco, we have developed an innovative, technologybased business concept which offers the promise of the highest returns on investment in the waste market.”

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