Adding Value to Top-Quality Tobacco

Premium TAMA Tobacco Limited

Premium TAMA Tobacco Limited, based in Lilongwe, is one of the key players in Malawi’s tobacco industry, which accounts for around 60% of the country’s foreign-exchange revenues. Malawi is one of the world’s top producers of the burley tobacco leaf, and tobacco grown in Malawi is exported worldwide.

Premium TAMA Tobacco is a subsidiary of Premium Toacco Group in an equity partnership with the Tobacco Association of Malawi (TAMA), the local tobacco sector’s leading business group. In a bid to add value to its products and boost exports, Premium Tama Tobacco established the Kanengo Tobacco Processors plant in 2009 in a joint venture with TAMA. The plant processes around 40 million kilograms of tobacco per year and employs over 1,200 people.

In addition to creating jobs, providing a market for local tobacco-growers and increasing Malawi’s export revenues, Premium TAMA Tobacco Limited places a high priority on corporate social responsibility. In November 2012, the company announced a donation of wheelchairs to Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe. Managing Director Tom Malata explains, “If any of our workers get sick, they are treated at this hospital, and we felt it was appropriate for us to donate the extra wheelchairs the hospital needed.” The company also donated 92 Bicycle Ambulances across the country in tobacco growing areas. Premium TAMA Tobacco will continue to spur on the development of Malawi’s tobacco sector.

P.O. Box 40075
Kanengo – Lilongwe
Tel: +265 171 1631