An Emerging Green Player in Europe’s Industrial Chemicals Market

Leonid N. Shyman, General Director
Leonid N. Shyman, General Director

Applying advanced approaches and practices of business management and having highly qualified staff, 70% of which have a graduate degree and scientific degree, SE RIC ‘PCP’ has developed 59 high-technologies in hard rock mining and military industries within the past 10 years, which allow a rapid development of businesses adopted by the enterprise.

A keystone of Ukraine’s military-industrial complex for 85 years, SE RIC ‘PCP’ may remain a state-owned company but it is solely and independently responsible for financing and managing its growing range of industrial, manufacturing, and research and development (R&D) businesses. A perfect example is Ukrainian-French Private Joint Stock Company ‘Sofrachim’, which was created and successfully operated in the market over the past 22 years.

The energy efficiency of its operations is key to the success of SE RIC ‘PCP’. As Leonid N. Shyman points out, the group uses around 85-87 grams of equivalent fuel per dollar of production volume as compared to an average 350 grams for peers in Germany and 220-240 in Denmark.

Yet more impressive, the 34-fold increase in energy efficiency has coincided with a dramatic rise in production volume: an increase of 3700% over the past ten years. “If previously we were spending 34 cents worth of energy per 1 dollar of production, today we spend about 2 cents,” Leonid N. Shyman elaborated.

Key to these achievements was the installation of waste-heat recovery and solar-thermal energy systems, along with solar-photovoltaic (PV) systems and generators capable of using natural gas, diesel or bio fuel to produce electricity at each of its production sites.

Though they can justifiably take pride in their accomplishments to date, the SE RIC ‘PCP’ management believes this is only the beginning. While exports now account for around 16% of the total annual revenue, the SE RIC ‘PCP’ management believes that the expertise and experience of its employees, coupled with innovations and investments in infrastructure, equipment and processes, has resulted in the creation of a vertically integrated group of industrial companies doing business in 19 regions of Ukraine and capable of expanding in markets across the European Union and beyond.

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