Technical Education through Applied Learning is Transforming the Zambian Economy

Pascal Technical University

With a mission to provide excellence in education, preparing the leaders of today and tomorrow for diverse careers in the high-tech information-based global society, Pascal Technical University’s rapid growth is based on applied research, offering superb practical knowledge and innovative, tailor-made approaches to meet the complex needs of the future.

Established as a college in 2014, our main focus was training for handling of heavy equipment machines which are mostly used in mining. With the aim of broadening and expanding our service offering, Pascal Operators Training was subsequently registered as a University offering certificate, diploma and degree programs under one roof. Here at Pascal, we educate students at graduate, professional and postgraduate levels in engineering, agricultural and food sciences, computer, information and technology sciences, as well as humanities and social sciences”, says Amon Mumba, Managing Director.He adds that “international partners would be of great interest to our University, to help improve our structure and outputs, as well as to give our students the necessary international exposure, improving their skills in practical work. Our major interest would be to collaborate with an investor interested in the mining sector since our primary interest revolves around the mining industry.”

Pascal Technical University

Receiving recognition for the quality of their programmes in mechanical engineering and engineering management, the University’s competitive advantage is that it offers ample opportunities to learn both by study and practice. “We believe that we produce graduates that are job creators as opposed to job seekers,” Chairman Humphrey Ngulube explains, adding that Pascal Technical University is ready to bring some of the traditional industries in their region back to life through educating students to be the best engineers, inventors and manufacturers in the country. The Chairman is keen to emphasise that “industrialisation is the future for Zambia. We are strategically located, with access to eight countries in the region which gives us a market to manufacture and export our goods”.

Head Principal Mubanga Mukuka points out that the University’s curriculum is based on a European model, which opens the possibilities to establish links with European counterparts and create new student exchange programmes.

Pascal Technical University is ready for any collaboration that would benefit the students and the international partners. “Our experienced professors, the efficient student administration, the competent career advisers, the available financial aid and technical support are delivering a unique learning experience. We are here to deliver innovative education, inspire young people and shape Zambia’s future technicians, manufacturers, scientists and engineers. We invite both students and potential partners to join our vibrant and inclusive community of scholars and be part of the great societal transformation that is underway. Our major interest is to collaborate with an investor in the Mining and Agriculture sector, as our primary interest revolves around the agriculture and mining industry”, Amon Mumba concludes.

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