Packaging Leader Meets Highest EU Standards

Pamibro was created to fill a packaging gap in the Ukraine market. When the company was created in 1996, there were no modern packaging manufacturers in the country, so Pamibro purchased equipment from Germany and trained its employees to operate it.  In 2008, the company took a major step forward when it built a brand-new plant with cutting-edge technologies and full automation. Illya Shutak, Chairman of the Board, explains, “Our modern plant allows us to meet all EU criteria, including for environmental protection. Ukraine’s government has supported us all the way.”

A focus on innovation is keeping Pamibro at the forefront of its sector. “Almost everyone in the company is involved in research,” Illya Shutak points out. The Pamibro plant increased its productivity by 60% in 2012 and has doubled its capacity this year. Another new plant and production line are planned.

Pamibro welcomes the chance to partner with Europe. Illya Shutak says, “We already work with many European enterprises because all our raw materials come from Europe. We only buy from companies certified environmentally friendly.”

This year the company will produce 75 million tonnes of packaging and hopes to raise that to 200 million tonnes by 2017. Pamibro is definitely keeping pace with Ukraine’s fast-growing economy.

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