Outstanding reputation in the medical industry in Botswana

Orthosurge is amongst the reputable companies in Botswana’s medical-equipment sector. The dynamic enterprise, founded in 1993, specialises in providing world-class equipment, supplies and related services for medical laboratories. It partners with highly recognised manufactures globally to offer services in the health sector and distributes medicines both to hospitals and to private doctors. Orthosurge also offers surgical supplies and has established a subsidiary for veterinary products.

Medical laboratory equipment and surgical supplies will remain Orthosurge’s main focus. Managing Director and founder Sehularo Motshegare explains, “Most clinical decisions in hospitals are made based on laboratory tests. If laboratories do not function properly, doctors cannot do their jobs. Orthosurge has invested in training top-quality personnel and we work with prestigious international partners. I am open to working with other suppliers of quality products that satisfy the requirements of the Botswana market.”

Orthosurge serves both state-owned and private hospitals in Botswana and has earned an excellent reputation for its transparency, and support for CSR projects. Sehularo Motshegare points out that Orthosurge can provide equipment as well as installation and other services for European investors establishing private hospitals in Botswana. He says, “Our competitive advantage is that we have highly qualified engineers, application specialist as well as product specialists and highly trained technicians on our staff. We are ready to help European partners bring high-quality medical equipment and supplies to Botswana.”

Orthosurge Botswana Pty Ltd.

Plot 20654, Savute Road, Block 3 Industrial, Gaborone

P.O. Box 2493

Tel.: +267 390 2526