Prestigious Seismic Research Institute Welcomes Global Partnerships

The National Institute for Earth Physics (NIEP) is the leading seismology institution in Romania, responsible for monitoring earthquakes and other seismic activity within the country and beyond, and for conducting basic and applied research in seismology and related fields. The NIEP is well known for its expertise and is very active internationally as well as in Romania.

Constantin Ionescu, General Manager
Constantin Ionescu, General Manager

General Manager Constantin Ionescu explains that the NIEP has set up a real-time seismic-monitoring network which is designed to give a more accurate picture of the location and magnitude of Romania’s earthquakes and to provide this information as rapidly as possible. “We can detect earthquakes with a magnitude of around zero degrees,” he points out. The Institute also monitors seismic activity in Bulgaria and Moldova.

The NIEP operates the Seismological Research Laboratory, which handles earthquake monitoring as well as advanced research in seismic activity, seismic-hazard assessment and disaster management. The NIEP also operates the National Seismic Network Laboratory and has 150 seismic centres throughout Romania.

Monitoring nuclear explosions worldwide

The NIEP operates the National Data Centre Laboratory, which was appointed by the government of Romania to oversee compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty using information obtained by our Cheia Muntele Rosu seismic station.

Research activities take place mainly in the Department of Research Development Innovation in Earth Science following three major directions: Seismology, Structure and Dynamics of the Lithosphere and Engineering Seismology. Constantin Ionescu says, “The NIEP’s mission is to promote innovative research in Romania and beyond. We are involved in the EU Horizon 2020 initiative and many other projects in Europe and internationally.”

Following the European initiatives to create a European Integrated waveform Data Archive (EIDA), NIEP has become a Primary Node for the Eastern Europe, as a recognition of the capability and commitment of the Institute in terms of resources and qualifications to perform the tasks and provide the services required from the European Community.

Constantin Ionescu welcomes the chance to establish more EU and global partnerships for the NIEP. He says, “The NIEP is a very prestigious institution with a high profile in its field. We have a strong team of dedicated professionals and an impressive track record of productive international collaboration. We would like to work with Ukraine and Belarus in the same way that we are currently working with Bulgaria and Moldova to monitor seismic activity in the region. The NIEP is ready to get involved in more projects and has positioned itself as a very desirable partner in Romania.”

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