Technology Leader Geared for New Energy

Jukka Jaamaa, President and CEO
Jukka Jaamaa, President and CEO

Moventas is leader in the fastgrowing global renewable energy sector. Ranked one of the largest manufacturers of wind-turbine gears in the world, Moventas also manufactures power transmission solutions for industry and provides overhaul and maintenance services; services account for around one third of its turnover. In 2009, Moventas generated net sales of €237 million. It has approximately 1,200 employees in nine countries and has established a global network of partners.

Moventas has 70 years of experience in developing cutting-edge technologies, and now it is focusing on orienting its technologies to the renewable energy sector. Its new slogan is “geared for new energy”. Jukka Jaamaa, President and CEO, says, “Our backbone is our strength in technology. We manufacture the best gears in the world, in which each tooth has an accuracy of one micron, one tenth the width of a strand of human hair. If wind turbines are to operate efficiently and reliably over a long period, they need a Moventas gearbox inside.”

Innovation, reliability, quality and transparency

Moventas continues to focus on innovation to ensure its competitive edge. “We want to be the best in the world in our field. We already manufacture around 10% of the gearboxes used in wind turbines all over the world, and 99.9% of our turnover is from exports. We are known for innovation, reliability, quality and transparency,” Jukka Jaamaa explains.

Moventas has always been proactive in providing what its customers need, and it aims to establish co-operative relationships with all its clients. “We believe that when our customers work together with us in perfect synergy, we will both achieve positive results faster,” Jukka Jaamaa points out.

Jukka Jaamaa says that Moventas has invested around €200 million in technology development, added capacity and automated systems to make sure its production process achieves the highest possible quality. It has also established operations in the US, China and other markets to assemble products locally as a way of maintaining quality while reducing costs.

Moventas is an example of Finland’s leading-edge in the global renewable energy sector; Finland is now ranked number four in this sector in Europe. Jukka Jaamaa believes that Finnish renewable energy companies need to work together to make Finland even more competitive. He concludes, “With our technology and innovations and high quality products, Moventas can create a great future for our customers and the world, and help the renewable energy sector move forward.”

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