Bringing World-Class Medical Lab Equipment to Healthcare System

Monolab LLC

Monolab LLC plays a key role in upgrading Mongolia’s healthcare system by supplying top-quality equipment and instruments to medical laboratories throughout the country. Founded in 1996, Monolab has established partnerships with leading international manufacturers, including Human GMbH (Germany), Woodley Laboratory (US), Mitra (Russia) and Sang Li (China).

Dr. Namid Munkhtuvshin, owner and President, explains, “We have more than 100 customers, from state hospitals to private laboratories, and we have more than 120 end users. We supply medical laboratory instruments and reagents, including clinical biochemistry analyser readers, haematology-system analysers, coagulation analysers, urine analysers, fully automated systems for hospitals, and more. We aim to deliver high-quality products to the Mongolian market rather than the low-cost, poor-quality products often found here.”

Mission: to be the best in its specialised field

Unlike many other Mongolian companies which handle a wide range of activities in order to compete in the marketplace, Monolab puts the focus on its chosen niche. Dr. Namid Munkhtuvshin says, “Companies in Mongolia often get involved in many different things but we decided to specialise and be the best in our field, which is to provide superior products to medical laboratories.”

Monolab also performs sophisticated tests in its own laboratory, serving hospitals which are not capable of handling these tests themselves. “We collect samples from different hospitals and perform services such as hormone testing, among others,” Dr. Namid Munkhtuvshin explains.

The combination of the advanced technologies and market expertise of Monolab’s German partner along with Dr. Namid Munkhtuvshin’s own specialisation in diagnostics helps to give Monolab its competitive edge. He says, “Our focus on our speciality and on high quality makes us a reliable partner. Products we sold 15 years ago are still working well and we also provide after-sales services.”

Manufacturing products in Mongolia

Oyundelger Munkhtuvshin, the CEO of Monolab, stresses that the goal for the future is for the company to manufacture its own products, for example test tubes for laboratory samples as well as sophisticated lab equipment. She explains, “By becoming a producer rather than just an importer and distributor, we will be able to export our products to markets beyond Mongolia, such as Russia.” To achieve this goal, Monolab is currently seeking investors and partners.

As an investment target and reliable partner in Mongolia, Monolab is an excellent choice. Dr. Namid Munkhtuvshin concludes, “Our strengths are our integrity, discipline and scientific expertise. We want to improve the health of the Mongolian people, not just make a profit.”