Modulus – “Solution against a lack of sustainable houses in Africa”

In Rwanda, just like in so many other African countries, there is a great need for affordable and proper housing. Modulus anticipates this by launching an overall concept that can be executed with a minimum amount of training with the local population. The cost price is kept down by using local raw materials.

“In order to narrow the gap between the middle classes and less fortunate families, it is essential to build thousands of small houses in the long run (value approx. $10,000), in order to boost the whole national economy,” explains Rudi De Cramer. “Our concept came into being through the combination of many years’ expertise and a deep conviction of helping with the sustainable development of communities. By introducing this Modulus concept in Rwanda the overall development of the country is supported.”

After extensive tests Modulus found the right mixture and developed the right machines. The Modulus bricks can be produced locally with hydraulic presses. Currently, 3,000 bricks can be produced a day. The aim is to press 6,000 bricks a day in three plants and thus provide 1,000 houses a year. “For this we hope to get support from funds and the local authority. This will also help us give thousands of Rwandans a job.”

The project in Rwanda is supported by FIT (Flanders Investment & Trade).

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