New Strategies and Laws for Energy and Mining Sectors in Kosovo

Justina Shiroka-Pula, Minister of Mining and Energy
Justina Shiroka-Pula, Minister of Mining and Energy

The Ministry of Energy and Mining is in the process of restructuring Kosovo’s high potential energy and mining sectors and has recently launched ambitious programmes in both these sectors which are creating significant new opportunities for foreign investors.

Much progress has been made since 2008. Justina Shiroka-Pula, Minister, explains, “Last year we finalised a new energy strategy for the period 2009 to 2018 which, apart from policies and major programmes to be implemented during the 10-year period, includes development of new and comprehensive legislation and regulations in line with EU acquits on energy, environment and competition. This year we instituted a new mining strategy for the period 2010 to 2025 that, apart from major restructuring policies and development programmes, includes a new investor-friendly mining law. These already approved laws and strategies have been developed with wide stakeholder consultations. This means that Kosovo now has a comprehensive framework for attracting foreign direct investment.”

Developing Trepca’s rich mineral deposits

The minister adds that Kosovo’s mining sector was in disarray after the war and is being developed with the help of a number of international institutions. A major initiative is being prepared for restructuring of the mining sector so that private investments will be engaged in the high-profit potential mining businesses of Trepca located in the heart of a zone long known as Europe’s most productive site for lead and zinc. “Trepca used to be very active and productive, and we are working hard to get it back to that level,” the minister explains.

In the energy sector, current projects include the New Kosova eRe power plant, which is nearing its final preparatory stage, and a new hydropower plant. The Ministry of Energy and Mining is also promoting new projects in renewable energies, including hydropower, wind and solar energy.

Minister Justina Shiroka-Pula says, “We are working closely with international development institutions like the World Bank, the European Commission and Germany’s KfW. We have received several tens of millions euros in support of capital investments as well as technical and professional help, and we are expecting more assistance.” Thanks to this support, Kosovo’s energy and mining sectors are instituting EU standards.

The Ministry of Mining and Energy is particularly seeking investors who “will invest in new technologies and expertise which will help to generate new jobs, educate and train the younger generation, and be very environmentally friendly,” Justina Shiroka-Pula explains. She adds that Kosovo welcomes investment from the EU, which it is working hard to join in the future. She points out, “We are currently ratifying bilateral agreements with a number of EU countries which will enhance Kosovo’s investment appeal in mining and energy. Kosovo is already a very good place for business and investment!”