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Melcome Pharma

Melcome Pharmaceuticals, a family-owned business founded as a small shop in 1989, has grown to become a thriving pharmaceuticals manufacturer and wholesaler with 1,500 employees in Zambia. In addition to pharmaceuticals, the company’s product line includes surgical disposables and medical equipment, all of which meets the highest of international standards.

The company plays a leading role in the Zambian economy. In fact, in recognition of Melcome Pharmaceuticals’ efforts to create jobs in Zambia and provide high-quality products to the Zambian market, the Zambian government has accorded Melcome a 15% pricing advantage.

Headquartered in Lusaka, the company also has a presence in Malawi, Uganda, and Congo with aims to expand its international reach. Wherever operations take place, Melcome Pharmaceuticals is known for its high-quality, affordable, and safe pharmaceuticals.

Mohmed A. Seedat, Chairman of the Melcome Group, explains that Melcome Pharmaceuticals has developed a portfolio of around 1,600 products and 900 medicines which it distributes efficiently. He says, “There is no better distribution system than Melcome’s, and we live up to our motto, ‘Deliver on time’.”

Strong performance in 2012

Melcome Pharma

The Melcome Group also includes Melcome Marketing and Distributors, Melcome Industries, Pharmanova Zambia, Copperbelt Shoes and Desai Trading. Melcome Pharmaceuticals achieved US$7 million in turnover in 2012 and the Melcome Group achieved an additional US$50 million. “We have been performing well, with turnover totals which meet our expectations,” Mohmed A. Seedat points out.

To maintain the highest levels of quality, Melcome Pharmaceuticals works only with suppliers and manufacturers which meet World Health Organisation standards. The company sources products in India and China, and fully tests every product it sells. “No one is as professional and quality-driven as Melcome,” Mohmed A. Seedat says proudly.

Melcome Pharmaceuticals has ambitious expansion plans and will open a plant in Zambia’s Copperbelt region next year to add new products to its portfolio. When this plant is operational, Melcome Pharmaceuticals will become the region’s first manufacturer of antibiotic medicines. It is also exploring new transport routes to regional and global markets in order to lower costs and boost efficiency.

The company will continue to set ambitious new goals for itself and will continue to serve as a benchmark in Zambia’s private sector. Mohmed A. Seedat concludes, “Melcome is a very transparent, professional, and ethical business, and Melcome Pharmaceuticals is more than ready to expand its direct exports and carve out a niche in the global market.”

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