From Tree to Forest to Timber Products, Latvijas Koku Eksports Meets Customers’ Needs

Chairman of the Board, Peteris Salmanis
Chairman of the Board, Peteris Salmanis

From planting trees and managing forests to producing and shipping a range of standard and specialty timber products, Latvijas Koku Eksports has built an enviable reputation as an international supplier of the highest standards and quality.

Providing import/export, freight forwarding, shipping and logistics expertise and capabilities, Latvijas Koku Eksports serves as the flagship enterprise for a group of affiliated companies active across the entire timber industry value chain. These include timber processor Lawsare, timber warehousing company Fiwes Riga, timber treatment plant operator Resa Treatment Ltd, international timber trading company Strix Ltd, and a sawmill and timber processing company in Belorussia.

Having established strong distribution partnerships and market outlets in the U.K., Ireland and France, Latvijas Koku Eksports is looking to expand. The management’s long international industry experience and expertise and its unrelenting focus on trust, integrity, quality and better serving the needs of customers, have served the company well, explains Chairman of the Board Peteris Salmanis.

“I myself was the President of the Timber Exporter Association…so I know exactly what is going on in the market. We are working in a very small market niche, and we are good at that. We have very good experience and relationships with our customers abroad. In this niche, we are the strongest.”