Leading Logistics Group Combines Local Knowledge, Global Network

Elo Elemer, National Manager
Elo Elemer, National Manager

Kuehne + Nagel offers the winning combination of local knowledge and global reach to guarantee high quality logistics services for its customers in Hungary. Benefiting from the worldwide Kuehne + Nagel network, the company provides a full range of logistics support, including sea, rail, road and airfreight, customs clearance, packaging and labelling, value added solutions and much more. “Kuehne + Nagel is number one in the world in the sea freight market. Hungarian companies cannot reach our level in sea freight, because they lack the global network,” explains Hungarian National Manager Elo Elemer.

Kuehne + Nagel Ltd Hungary serves local and multinational corporate clients in Hungary’s pharmaceuticals, high tech, automotive and packaging sectors, among many others. Elo Elemer points out, “In our portfolio we have international and local clients to whom we guarantee risk free performance and reasonable prices. Our clients often sign a longer lasting contract with us.”

Hungary is an ideal base for logistics operations

Hungary is an ideal base for a globally active logistics operation since it offers streamlined connections to both Western and Eastern Europe and beyond. Elo Elemer says, “The strongest advantage we have is our proximity to the Kuehne + Nagel Eastern European regional headquarters in Vienna. We belong to the Eastern European organisation, which consists of 21 countries. The region expands from Austria to Russia. In fact, we concentrate on export and import shipments.”

Kuehne + Nagel is well known for its high standard of professional service. As Elo Elemer puts it, “We do not aim to be the cheapest; we want to provide the best service and to stay competitive.” Kuehne + Nagel Ltd in Hungary is certified to handle special types of shipments, including hazardous materials, and oversees every shipment through its cutting edge tracking system. All its subcontractors have been carefully vetted through to make sure they meet Kuehne + Nagel’s demanding criteria.

As for the future, Kuehne + Nagel’s goal is to continue to grow at double the average rate in Hungary and in all its markets. Elo Elemer says, “Hungary has a motivated and educated workforce, and we are near the EU market. Most of all, Kuehne + Nagel is the logistics provider of choice for integrated and complex solutions!”