Innovative, Energy-Saving Heating Solutions

Jan Kriekels, CEO, the author of Innovate or Die.

Jaga, founded in Belgium in 1962, brings innovative heating solutions to customers in 40 countries. Jaga offers award-winning, energy-saving, low-water-content heating products for homes and organisations, including some of the world’s most ambitious developments. These include the new PWC headquarters in London, the Telefonica building in Madrid and the Federation Tower in Moscow.

Jaga’s CEO, art and marketing director and head of R&D is Jan Kriekels, the author of Innovate or Die, a book setting out the principles on which Flanders is loosely basing its future prosperity. Writing the book after visiting some 100 countries, Jan Kriekels gives his unique perspective on a sustainable future and sets out five key principles: respect nature, awake the artist, dream a future, create emotion and build bridges.

Jaga illustrates this focus on innovation. The company specialises in LST (low-surface-temperature) radiators, radiators specially designed for use with heat pumps, fan-assisted dynamic heating and ventilation systems, trench and perimeter heating solutions, and eye-catching designer radiators. Many Jaga products are based on the company’s unique Low-H2O technology, which allows radiators to heat a room more quickly, maintain the temperature more accurately, and reduce energy consumption. Innovative Jaga produces heart-warming radiators with soul.