Jeweler Offers Exceptional Jewelry and Personalised Service

J. Katz Jewelers, based in Antwerp’s renowned Diamond Club, has been a leader in the city’s world-famous diamond industry for 55 years. Jo Katz, owner and founder, is known for his exceptionally artistic diamond-cutting and jewelry-design skills as well as for his successful entrepreneurship. He is now assisted by his son, Emmanuel.

The jewelry firm places a high priority on providing outstanding personalised customer service, including designing jewelry to meet each customer’s specific requests. As Jo Katz points out, “J. Katz provides services and quality that rival those of the world’s top jewelers. We are among the crème de la crème of the industry.”

J. Katz Jewelers also takes the initiative to educate its clientele concerning diamonds and other precious stones. Included in the customer experience is an explanation of the “four C’s” of purchasing a diamond: cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. Jo Katz welcomes international customers to contact J. Katz jewelers. He explains, “We are thrilled when we can add a new piece of jewelry to someone’s collection. Thanks to our 55 years in the business, the diamond experts at J. Katz Jewelers are sure to provide every customer with just what he or she is looking for in luxury jewelry.”