Providing Local Intelligence for Global Advantage

ISI Emerging Markets

Internet Securities, Inc. (trading as ISI Emerging Markets) delivers electronic information products by subscription to customers all over the world. ISI specialises in providing hard to get information on more than 80 emerging markets, working on the principle that local intelligence means global advantage.

ISI makes available a wide range of information, including news articles, financial statements, facts about companies, industry analyses, equity quotes, macroeconomic statistics, and market specific information, all derived from more than 20,000 local and global publications. ISI was acquired by Euromoney Institutional Investor in 1999. It has built up a loyal following among its subscribers, which include top investment banks, corporations, law firms, consultants, investment and insurance companies, universities and libraries, and other organisations.

ISI’s flagship products include CEIC Data, the Emerging Market Information Service (EMIS), the Islamic Finance Information Service (IFIS), IntelliNews, ISI Compliance Edition, and ISI DealWatch. ISI has its global headquarters in New York, its European headquarters in London, and 30 branch offices across Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

Trimo, the Slovenian provider of prefabricated steel buildings with direct presence in 25 countries, has been relying on ISI for business news since 2007. Damjan Sinigoj, Trimo’s Marketing/Area Manager, discusses the advantages of using ISI.

How do you use ISI’s services?

We track all the countries ISI covers, and ISI sends us a daily customised newsletter via e-mail through which we keep up to date on the news that is most interesting to us, which means construction activities in selected countries, trends in construction markets, and published news related to our product portfolio. We use the ISI website for similar reasons.

How has using ISI Emerging Markets services been beneficial for your company?

Using ISI has proved to be very beneficial for our company since these services enable us to track news from local market sources without having to order and check a number of local newspapers and other sources of information. Based on information gathered from ISI, Trimo’s market research department has been able to prepare more quality proposals for further marketing and sales activities.

Why do you recommend ISI over other databases?

We find that ISI has more information than any other similar service. Its strongest point is that in one place it gathers information from a number of local news providers, statistical data and other data providers. Its custom-made newsletter coming directly to our e-mail is also a strong benefit.


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