CCI Dolj – Essential Support for Investments in Dolj County

Mr. Gabriel Catalin Vladut, President of the Management Board of CCI Dolj
Mr. Gabriel Catalin Vladut, President of the Management Board of CCI Dolj

As the most powerful business association in Dolj county, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dolj strives to create stable business environment, consistent development of the private sector and sustainable open market economy. Gabriel Catalin Vladut, President of the Management Board, discusses CCI Dolj’s objectives and opportunities.

European Times: What are CCI Dolj’s main objectives?

Gabriel Catalin Vladut: CCI Dolj supports and represents the interests of its members and the business community. Furthermore, we provide consultancy development and competitiveness, professional programs, fairs, exhibitions, seminars and workshops, as well as administration of business opportunities database. CCI Dolj aims to increase the number of members and to contribute to their sustainable development. Additionally, we support the creation of local brands, regional brands especially in the Romania-Bulgaria-Serbia region, as well as international brands.

As an engineer, working many years in the field of research, development and innovations, I strongly believe that there are numerous possibilities for high-tech companies interested in investing in Romania. CCI Dolj has fruitful cooperation with many other Chambers of Commerce and we also have excellent relations with companies from other countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, UK, and Germany. The partnership agreement we signed with the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is an excellent example of how local governments can bring together businesses and explore encouraging opportunities for developing trade between two countries.

European Times: What makes Craiova and Dolj County unique as an investment location?

Gabriel Catalin Vladut: We believe that the most important thing for attracting potential investors is presenting the real business opportunities this county offers, especially in economic terms. The openness of the local government towards the establishment of facilities, as well as the abundance of consulting firms aimed at assisting interested companies, make investments in this area very convenient. Vocational and University training, support from local authorities, the actual market (Craiova is at a distance of 110 km from Serbia and Bulgaria) are assets for investment.

Dolj County is able to welcome more multinational companies and high-tech enterprises, especially since we are building another industrial park at the moment and we have an area exclusively for the high-tech industry. Furthermore, the permanent collaboration with the University of Craiova can easily provide new investors with specialists according to their high requirements.

European Times: What is your personal message to potential investors?

Gabriel Catalin Vladut: Invest in Craiova and you will discover a dynamic and innovative environment, open and trust, with many potential friends and partners. Dolj county is an excellent choice for business development and finding adequate services both for domestic and international businesses.