The New Trendsetter in Residents’ Welfare, Development and Foreign Investment

Mr. Daniel Tudorache, Mayor of Sector 1 in Bucharest
Mr. Daniel Tudorache, Mayor of Sector 1 in Bucharest

Barely four months into office, Daniel Tudorache, the Mayor of Sector 1 in Bucharest is pioneering mega projects, creating a sense of satisfaction among the city residents and looking beyond the country’s borders to attract sustainable partnerships and investments.

European Times: What fuels your passion for your municipality and what have you managed to achieve since taking over as Mayor?

Daniel Tudorache: I was born here, and I have lived here most of my life, doing business here for the last sixteen years. I have always wanted to give back to my city and champion for its transformation. The last four months have been tough, but we have still managed to start some projects like the free lunch “school after school” project, whose pilot phase covers 15% of the schools and will include all 78 schools by next year. Recently, we inaugurated a sector of the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital, a model health facility which has received recognition from domestic and foreign medical experts. We want to build a new hospital that would cost around €200 million, with the help of EU funds. The cogeneration plant which we aim to construct will ultimately solve the waste problem in the city, which is now the cleanest in the country.The Polyvalent Hall at Romexpo will be modernised in partnership with the Romania Chamber of Commerce. We have the largest budget after the capital’s city hall, about €350 million which enables us to be pacesetters in development and investment, inspiring other sectors around us.

European Times: What are you doing to overcome the challenges you are facing currently and to attract foreign investors?

Daniel Tudorache: As a mayor, I must first protect the local budget. Money is available, but our institutions sometimes lack managerial capacity. Even with a consistent budget, you have to initiate projects to attract funding. For staffing, we have to outsource experts since City Hall’s low wages cannot retain good professionals. We have partnerships and consultancies with companies that can afford to remunerate their staff well, keep them, and deliver their mandate, like Romprest.

We are also faced with land scarcity for which we are finding solutions. The World Cup is approaching, and Bucharest and Romania need a stadium of international standards.

As for investors, we assure them of our financial integrity. We are working to attract European funds, as well as commercial partners for our most important projects. Once they see our past accomplishments, they will find their interest, to the mutual benefit of business people and the citizens.