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International Medicine Hospital Kosovo

The new International Medicine Hospital (IMH) of Kosovo, a branch of the International Medicine Hospital Group in Turkey, is playing a major role in upgrading the country’s healthcare sector. An investment of €3.7 million in the private state-of-the-art facility has ensured world-class standards. Dr. Yusuf Elgormus, Chairman, explains, “We chose to invest in Kosovo because the services this hospital provides were not available in this country. We think that Kosovo is only the starting point for us, and that our presence here will open doors for providing healthcare services to the entire region, a route that we feel other foreign investors could take as well.”

The hospital’s facilities include two fully equipped, world-class operating theatres, a cardiology centre with the latest equipment, 27 patient rooms with 40 beds and five-star comforts, three ICU units with 32 beds, 24-hour ambulance and emergency service, a fully equipped laboratory, and Kosovo’s first A to Z sterilisation units. The hospital covers 4,400 sq m and has 10,000 sq m of parking space along with a helipad for emergency landing.

World-class cardiovascular surgery and treatments

IMH is particularly well known for its world-class cardiovascular surgery and treatments. Over 30 open-heart surgeries have been successfully completed at the hospital by internationally trained surgeons (bypass and heart valve operations, including both in the same operation, and heart tumor removal),) along with over 200 stent and coronography procedures.

The “international” in the hospital’s name reflects its commitment to offering international standard services, treating patients from anywhere in the world, and forging partnerships with other international institutions and healthcare professionals. Now that its facilities and its highly qualifi ed local and international medical professionals are in place, the hospital is working on a plan to partner with the international institutions which are operating in Kosovo and with the NATO led Kosovo Force (KFOR).

Dr. Ilir Rrecaj hopes to forge other links with institutions and healthcare professionals in Western Europe. Dr. Yusuf Elgormus, Chairman, adds, “Our aim is to help improve healthcare standards here in Kosovo. We have brought in the best we have and I challenge other investors to come here and do the same.” Thanks to the International Medicine Hospital, patients in Kosovo no longer have to leave the country to get high quality care.

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