Cutting-Edge Data-Mining Software Gives Companies a Competitive Edge

Frank Vanden Berghen, Founder and CEO
Frank Vanden Berghen, Founder and CEO

Innovative TIMi Suite – a complete and fully integrated suite of data-mining tools – transforms the process of data extraction for enterprises and offers its users the best possible insights about their business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) markets, advertising campaigns and more.

TIMi Suite is a product of Belgium-based Business-Insight, which specializes in creating fast, effective, user-friendly, scalable business-intelligence software. Frank Vanden Berghen, Founder and CEO, explains, “TIMi is a predictive analytic software that builds predictive models. For example, TIMi is able to predict if an individual will buy your product as well as explain why somebody bought your product. TIMi enables better management decisions at every level.

Defining what gives TIMi Suite its competitive advantage, Frank Vanden Berghen points out, “The key differentiator is that you can operate on very large quantities of data using very small infrastructure. A lot of other Big Data solutions require you to invest in hundreds of PCs, which is a big investment in hardware. Our solution, on the other hand, can be installed in just one laptop. This is a huge financial benefit for customers, and is one reason our products are so successful in Africa. Another unique selling point of TIMi is that we are able to create extremely precise predictive models in a few minutes instead of, typically, a few months.” TIMi Suite is now ranked the technological leader in analytical statistics and knowledge extraction from databases.

Scalable, accurate and fast

The TIMi real-time analytical engine can be adapted to suit the needs of a variety of users, from banks and insurance companies to international consultancies, ICT providers, healthcare services, retail operations and others. The “TIMi Suite” includes 3 integrated tools: TIMi, StarDust and Anatella. Award-winning TIMi features predictive modelling, with high scalability, high speed, high returns on investment and high prediction accuracy; StarDust provides a real-time, 3D multivariate picture of the user’s database; and Anatella is the most user-friendly, fast and versatile extract-transform-load (ETL) tool on the market today. The “TIMi Suite” has everything users need to perform advanced analytics tasks.

Business-Insight continues to improve the “TIMi Suite” and is currently focused on boosting speed, accuracy and volume even more. Frank Vanden Berghen says, “Our competitors, like SAS, produce good software but it is costly and takes months to complete analyses. This can work for some market segments like the big banks, but dynamic markets like telecom and the major retailers need our kind of solution, and the “TIMi Suite” is really working well for them.”
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