EU Delegation Head Highlights Investment Opportunities

Carolina Cordeiro, Head of the EU Delegation to Angola, discusses recent progresses the country has made.

European Times: Can you tell us about the relationship between the EU and Angola?

Carolina Cordeiro: We have been working with Angola for many years, first to provide humanitarian aid and then to assist the economic and social development in the country. In that sense, we are targeting social sectors where our assistance is most needed, particularly in the fields of rural development, education, water and sanitation, and energy But over the past 10 years Angola’s economy has been developing rapidly and we are adapting our activities here to respond to that. We are putting the focus on stronger political cooperation as well as stronger economic partnerships which involve the transfer of technology and know-how. . We are working to redefine our relationship with Angola for the future in order to adapt to the country’s needs.

Carolina Cordeiro, Head of the EU Delegation to Angola
Carolina Cordeiro, Head of the EU Delegation to Angola

European Times: Can you highlight some major recent developments?

Caroline Cordeiro: Angola’s economy has developed tremendously over the past decade and we believe that the country has significant growth prospects. The country still presents specific challenges in terms of institutional capacity, development of a domestic market, and bringing the benefits of development to people all over the country. However, great progress has been made. Angola has also demonstrated an ability to maintain political stability and the democratic process, and we fully support the Angolan Government in its efforts. Angola’s second elections were an important step forward.

European Times: Can you single out some high-potential sectors for investors?

Caroline Cordeiro: There are significant opportunities in all sectors. The services, TIC, transport, medical and pharmaceutical, agriculture and energy sectors, just to name a few, have great potential, and we have already seen strong European investment in the construction and banking sector. European companies are welcome here because of the technology transfer and know-how they can bring.

European Times: What is your personal message to potential investors?

Caroline Cordeiro: First of all, after its long civil war, Angola has managed to maintain peace and security, achieve national reconciliation and a multi-party democratic government. This is a significant achievement investors should be aware of. At the same time, the country has experienced robust growth and further economic reforms aim to consolidate this positive record. My advice is that potential investors should come to Angola, meet local people and learn about the country and its challenges and opportunities. They should establish fruitful partnerships in Angola. Angola definitely merits the attention of the international business community.