GeoEcoMar – major European Centre of Excellence in Marine Research in the Danube – Black Sea Region

Romanian National Institute of Marine Geology and Geoecology – GeoEcoMar specialises in R&D in geology, geophysics and geo-ecology, with a focus on aquatic environments, covering from marine to deltaic and freshwater domains. As General Director Dr. Gheorghe Oaie points out, “GeoEcoMar represents the focal point of Romania’s national excellence in research and consultancy on marine, coastal, river and lacustrine geology, geophysics and geo-ecology. The institute is a reference centre for marine and Earth sciences and is well known for its expertise concerning the complex eco-systems of the Danube, Danube Delta and Black Sea.”

GeoEcoMar has invested in state-of-the-art research infrastructure and regularly partners with research institutions from all the European Research Area, but mainly from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, through European Framework programmes and Horizon 2020 initiatives, as well as through bilateral cooperation. In addition to its many EU partnerships, GeoEcoMar collaborates with organisations in Bulgaria (also an EU Member State) and Ukraine in the Western Black Sea, and provides consulting services for companies operating in the Black Sea, including Petrom, OMV and Exxon. Through its platforms part of the Early Warning System in case of marine geohazards, GeoEcoMar also provides the Black Sea component of the EMSO pan-European Research Infrastructure. Committed to the highest international standards, GeoEcoMar has implemented a quality-management system certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance according to ISO 9001:2008 and SR EN ISO 9001:2008 criteria.

The International Centre for Advanced Studies on River-Sea Systems DANUBIUS Research Infrastructure

GeoEcoMar provides the coordination of the pan-European distributed research infrastructure dedicated to river-sea systems DANUBIUS-RI, recently accepted on the 2016 Roadmap of ESFRI (European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures). Dr. Adrian Stanica, Scientific Director, explains, “The idea to promote the Danube Delta as a living laboratory for advanced international research goes back more than two decades. But six years ago, GeoEcoMar was one of the institutes asked to develop a sound scientific case study and plans to transform this idea into reality. The idea grew to become the DANUBIUS-RI initiative, a pan-European project aiming to become the focal point of excellent interdisciplinary research in river – sea systems globally. Currently DANUBIUS-RI is the first pan-European distributed research infrastructure project who was accepted on the ESFRI Roadmap led by a “New Europe” country. DANUBIUS-RI consists of a Hub, Supersite (area of major scientific importance) and Data Centre provided by Romania, with Nodes for Observation / Measurements (coordinated by the UK), Analysis (Germany), Modelling (Italy) and Governance (the Netherlands). The project contains also eight supersites – three along the Danube (Danube Delta, Middle and Upper Danube), but also in the Elbe and Thames estuaries, the Catalan Delta System, the Po Delta – Venice Lagoon and the Nestos River- Delta-Sea System. The project has also a Technological Transfer Office coordinated by Ireland.


GeoEcoMar regularly hosts important international meetings in its field, including a Europe Global Ocean Observation System conference in March 2016 and an important EU conference on marine data. Dr. Gheorghe Oaie notes, “GeoEcoMar has an outstanding reputation for the quality of its scientific research and we represent Romania internationally.” Dr. Adrian Stanica adds, “GeoEcoMar is always ready to form more international partnerships and we offer personalised consultancy services for companies involved in all types of marine projects, including offshore oil and gas. GeoEcoMar has positioned itself as a reliable partner of choice in Romania.”

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