High-tech Geographical Information Systems and Surveying for Botswana

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As any other country, Botswana relies on cadastral and engineering surveying and precise mapping as fundaments for development and growth. Working in those three areas, in addition to providing Geographical Information System (GIS) services, development and training, Thabo Kgafela, Managing Director of Geo Solutions, is proud that their customers range from government departments and parastatals, to private organizations, NGO’s and individuals. Bringing the latest Chinese and global technology to Botswana, including Global Positioning Systems, using unmanned aerial vehicles, it is no wonder that the most important state agencies use the services of Geo Solutions. Working together with law enforcement agencies on developing high-tech solutions to help officers reach their destination through the shortest route, Geo Solutions contributes to fighting crime and saving lives. Producing high-precision maps, even for the most unreachable locations, the company provides unmatched quality of cadastral work. Thabo Kgafela, himself an UK educated surveys and mapping expert, explains how the company’s involvement in the multimillion dollar LabCas project, will have “the whole of the country surveyed.” Constantly striving to advance in technology, and expanding their services to tracking, monitoring and supplying of equipment, he says that “the company’s plans for the future will ensure that it continues to be a top business performer.”

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