GPM: Architectural Design, Engineering, Consultation & Construction Co. Looks to Western Europe

General Project Management

Based in the eastern city of Donetsk, GPM (General Project Management) is an architectural design, engineering consultation and construction company that has successfully brought more than 50 industrial and civil engineering projects to completion since it was founded in 2004. Though 95% of its business comes from domestic companies, its roster of clients also includes the likes of Lexus and Toyota.

In a country that has drawn criticism from the World Bank regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of public investment, GPM prides itself on being able to meet project deadlines on spec and on or below budget.

Accountability and transparency are also sources of pride for GPM. “GPM is fully transparent, and we can prove it,” company director Sergey Fadeev stated.

GPM’s core competency is centred on its capacity as a general project manager for large, often complex, industrial and civil design, engineering and construction projects. It is also involved in consulting projects.

Construction in Ukraine has dropped in recent years, which GPM has taken as an opportunity to reorganise and modernise. “We overcame it by coming to a new level in terms of quality. GPM employees are highly qualified and experienced, and bureaucracy has been reduced – all documentation is electronic.”