Construction Services Investors Can Trust

Galitskiy Dvir

Galitskiy Dvir, founded in 1995, is well known in Ukraine for its high-quality construction services. This steadily-growing private enterprise has completed a number of construction projects in Ukraine as well as four apartment buildings abroad. Galitskiy Dvir has a fulltime staff of around 50 employees with other professionals brought in for specific tasks depending on the job. The company achieves around €1.5 million in turnover per year.

Quality and professionalism

Explaining the philosophy behind his successful company, founder Vasily Druk cites its quality and professionalism. He says, “If you build something better than other construction companies do, then someone will buy what you build, you will be appreciated, and you will maintain your market position.”

For investors seeking a reliable contractor and building firm in Ukraine, Galitskiy Dvir has a strong track record for high quality and reliability. Vasily Druk says, “Many foreign investors come to Ukraine and deal with bad builders. I would like potential investors to take a look at our company’s work, see our quality, and then come talk to us. Galitskiy Dvir offers stability, quality, responsibility, transparency, and services you can trust.”