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The Ukrainian pharmaceutical market is one of the fastest growing in Europe, achieving double digit growth for the last several years. This makes it an attractive business choice for foreign pharmaceuticals companies.

Most leading international pharmaceutical companies are already present in the Ukrainian market through their representative offices. Small and medium sized companies, however, will find some barriers to market entry, such as government regulation of the pharmaceutical industry, a changing legislative environment, and specific issues concerning promotion on the local market. The goal of Farmasoft is to help foreign pharmaceutical companies access the Ukrainian market.

Farmasoft is a dynamically developing Ukrainian company with an innovative approach to solving problems concerning the marketing, distribution and logistics of pharmaceutical products in Ukraine. Building on its vast experience developed since 1993, Farmasoft has achieved significant success in providing services in the pharmaceutical industry.

Farmasoft provides a range of services for international pharmaceutical companies, including market analysis, registration of pharmaceutical products, organisation of supplies to Ukraine, customs clearance, warehousing according to GDP standards, promotion and sales, and logistics of clinical trials. Having an experienced local partner in Ukraine
gives international pharmaceutical companies cost effective access to the Ukrainian market.

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