Leading Supplier of Pharmaceuticals Aiming to Boost Exports


Farmaco is Moldova’s fourth largest pharmaceuticals company and the country’s main supplier of pharmaceuticals. With 72 years of experience, Farmaco has developed a diverse portfolio of 160 products which include antibiotics, infusion solutions, capsules, tablets, syrups and ointments. Farmaco is owned 94% by the government of Moldova but its planned privatisation will represent an outstanding investment opportunity since Farmaco is a well established, thriving Moldovan leader with strong export potential.

Farmaco is currently expanding its export markets. “We are already present in Romania and Russia and we are actively exploring other markets, since the Moldovan pharmaceuticals market is saturated. For example, within five years, we aim to be operating in all the CIS countries and exporting around 30 products,” explains Vladimir Simionov, Director General. He adds, “The biggest challenges for us are the markets of China and India, especially China, with its very competitive labour costs.”

Farmaco has been investing in new technologies and equipment and is looking into expanding its production facilities to meet growing demand as it expands its export markets. It is also working towards certification from the European Medicines Agency to export to the EU. Farmaco has partnered with Italian firm CSV Life Science and welcomes more partnerships that “will help put Moldova and Farmaco on the international map,” Vladimir Simionov says. He adds, “Our priority at the moment is to venture into new markets and expand in the markets where we are already operating.”

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