Extensive Portfolio of Installation, Construction and Production Services


Founded more than 60 years ago and now ranked one of Croatia’s 400 biggest companies, Elektrometal has developed an extensive portfolio of services which includes world-class installations of electrical, heating (air and gas) and plumbing systems as well as construction and the production of fireproofing and aluminium equipment. Privatised in 1993, Elektrometal is a joint-stock company owned by its employees and the city of Bjelovar. “This mosaic gives us the opportunity to achieve synergies in business,” says Marko Rajcevic, CEO.

Elektrometal has built more than 500 km of gas heating pipeline networks which connect to more than 13,000 consumer units in Bjelovar (more than half the city), as well as to surrounding municipalities. In 2003, Elektrometal won a 15-year concession for gas
distribution, which will allow it to invest further in new expertise and technologies.

Ideal local partner for major projects

Elektrometal operates production facilities in Bjelovar, Daruvar and Koprivnica and has positioned itself as an ideal partner for major investment projects. “Our decades of expe-rience are the guarantee to investors that their project will be completed on time and to the highest quality standards. This is why there is such a demand for our services,” Marko Rajcevic explains. Elektrometal has been involved in the construction of hospitals, schools, sports facili-ties and hotels, and participated in the construction of the Best Western and Sheraton hotels in Zagreb, the Podravka food plant in Koprivnica and the National and University Library in Zagreb, among others.

The production of fireproofing equipment is now the core of the company’s production activities. Elektrometal manufactures international standard fireproof doors, windows, walls, glass and grids, as well as fireproof cabinets and safety cabinets. Elektrometal’s aluminium products manufacturing continues to grow as well. To remain competitive, Elektrometal continues to invest in new technologies as well as in upgrading the skills of its workers. Just one example is that its production of fireproof glass has been almost fully computerised thanks to the innovative use of in-house solutions.

Acquisitions and constant investment have helped to give Elektrometal a competitive edge. Elektrometal founded the Emgrad Daruvar construction company in 1997 and acquired Metalna oprema Senj in 2005; both companies are growing rapidly.

Elektrometal continues to expand and has founded two operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Elektrometal BH, which produces fireproofing and aluminium products, and Emma, which processes and cans vegetables. This regional expansion marks a dynamic new era for innovative Elektrometal.

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Ferde Rusana 21, p.p. 128
Bjelovar 43000, Croatia
Tel.: +385 43 611 200
e-mail: em-uprava@elektrometal.hr