Infrastructure Specialist Has Track Record for Quality

Tea Martincic, Chief Financial Officer
Tea Martincic, Chief Financial Officer

Dalekovod is an international infrastructure specialist known for high quality and a wide range of products. The group now includes 28 companies – 7 subsidiaries and one branch office – in the electricity sector. “Infrastructure is our core business. We build transmission lines up to 1000 kV, substations, roads, railroads, pipelines and more, and are building new pipelines in Croatia now,” explains Tea Martincic, Chief Financial Officer.

Dalekovod also produces specialised metal products for transmission lines and is one of the world’s top five producers of suspension and joint equipment for transmission towers. “This activity is a niche which requires significant know-how. We are currently exporting our products in this field to 80 countries,” Tea Martincic says.

The company’s operation in Croatia is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and meets all international standards. With more than 400 engineers in house, Dalekovod has the necessary expertise to handle a wide range of projects, and it has completed projects in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Libya, Poland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Montenegro as well as in Croatia. Tea Martincic says, “We just fi nished a major project in Germany. We are very focused on providing the highest quality and on delivering our work on time.”

Dalekovod is concentrating more and more on export markets. Last year the domestic market accounted for 70% of the group’s €350 million in turnover; this year that percentage has dropped to 45%. Next year, Tea Martinci Tea Martincic, Chief Financial Officer expects that Dalekovod will do more business domestically as well as internationally.

Ready to partner with international companies

Dalekovod has positioned itself as the ideal partner for companies involved in projects in Croatia and beyond, and it is currently building a €79 million to €82 million shopping mall near Zagreb airport for a private investor. “This client chose us because we have proven expertise not only in construction but also in electricity installations and in the production of metal equipment. Our people are skilled at both design and production as well as construction,” Tea Martincic explains.

Dalekovod is also open to working with foreign partners in bids for tenders on international projects. Tea Martincic concludes, “We know how to prepare and get tenders and we have a wide product range as well as the right technologies and a proven track record. We have also received support for our projects from the European Bank for Reconstruction
and Development and from the World Bank, which shows we meet international standards. Quality, knowledge, skills, and respect for due dates give Dalekovod its competitive advantage.”

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