Following an entire professional life connected to oil refining, in 2011 Andrey Bogdanov was appointed as General Director of PETROTEL-LUKOIL refinery, one of the largest oil refineries in Romania and Eastern Europe. Graduating from the “Perm Polytechnic University” as a chemical technologist-engineer within Chemical Technology Faculty specialized in oil and gas processing, he initially worked as operator and was later promoted to management positions of several facilities. Before his appointment as General Director of PETROTEL-LUKOIL, he worked for Conoco Phillips, the world’s largest independent E&P company located in Houston, Texas. Sharing his extensive knowledge and vision, Andrey Bogdanov discusses PETROTEL-LUKOIL’s current projects and future plans.

European Times: What are PETROTEL-LUKOIL’S major assets?

Andrey Bogdanov: Our most important asset is definitely our staff. No matter how good your equipment is and no matter how advanced your technology is, the human factor is vital to ensuring they work properly. People working in PETROTEL-LUKOIL are highly educated and highly skilled professionals, whose extensive knowledge and excellent performance are responsible for our outstanding results. Last year PETROTEL-LUKOIL was ranked as the top refinery amongst all eight LUKOIL refineries on global level. We owe our success to the hard work and dedication of our employees, as well as our suppliers, contractors and subcontractors.

Our company has a leading position in the Romanian market. Being the third refinery by volume of production, PETROTEL-LUKOIL has balanced refining, excellent conversion processes, and our Nelson index is 10. We communicate in a transparent manner with authorities and the public, and we deliver all information and reports required by legislation.

European Times: What are some of PETROTEL-LUKOIL’S investments in technology and modernization?

Andrey Bogdanov: LUKOIL fulfilled and surpassed all commitments required by the privatization process, including those related to environmental protection. In 2008 we completed full refurbishment of the refinery. PETROTEL-LUKOIL is among the few fuel-oil free refineries in the world. We are particularly proud of the Belco project which aimed to clean and remove dust, sulphur and nitrogen oxide from the flue gas of the catalytic cracking plant.

Since 2011, PETROTEL-LUKOIL is investing more in environmental projects as well as production.Furthermore, we invest in projects designed to increase efficiency, reliability and safety of the equipment. We use state of the art American technologies that are used in the best performing and the cleanest refineries in the world. Additionally, PETROTEL-LUKOIL is involved in numerous corporate social responsibility activities, since LUKOIL places high value on CSR in all its subsidiaries around the world.

European Times: What is your personal message?

Mr. Andrey Bogdanov, General Director of PETROTEL-LUKOIL
Mr. Andrey Bogdanov, General Director of PETROTEL-LUKOIL

Andrey Bogdanov: Life is a battle of opposites and having a positive mind-set is beneficial both for the mind and the body. I urge everyone to be optimistic and confident, since the current challenges in the oil sector can be easily turned into opportunities.