Established in 2012, the company named Goodnight Warsaw initially started with managing only three apartments for short and mid-term stays in the Polish capital. Today it operates 30 apartments and more are coming into the pipeline. “Since we started, I am doubling the size of the company every year”, the owner Hubert Mokrzyckiexplains. Now the company has grown to approximately 350 reservations per month while the apartments are operating at around 70% occupancy rate per year. Hubert Mokrzycki is aware that “competition is fierce in this line of work, prices are going down, and some of the companies in this business might not survive”, but is confident in his company’s growth strategy.

Goodnight Warsaw offers a rental system in which anybody can book a night or two, but also a mid-term stay, and even make a booking for several months. Providing cleaning service, bed linens and kitchen appliances in every apartment, long staying visitors get all of the necessities at 60-70% lower prices when compared to a hotel. The standard of living which our apartments provide is higher than many hotels. The rooms are spacious, and clients have at their disposal facilities such as kitchen, household appliances and washing machine, making their stay very convenient.

Approximately 55-60% of the clientele comes from Poland and around 20% comes from Eastern Europe, while the rest are from around the world. Some customers come from faraway places such as the Philippines, Australia, USA, Argentina and Brazil.

Freedom of lodging

The duration of stay of the average customer varies from the season. “It is different for various periods of the year, and we mostly have one- or two- night stays. We also have longer stays over a week, depending on the time of the year, and especially during the holiday’s season. In business season, the average length of stay is around two to three days although we have some business consultants staying on longer periods even for several months,” Hubert Mokrzycki says.

In the process of attracting customers, this establishment has several channels as partners, such as, Expedia, HRS and others, so that people can see the offers and reviews from all over the world. “I have all necessary IT infrastructure to manage over 100 apartments, but we have to improve the working structure of the company and increase number of apartments. That also comes with hiring more staff, which we need to do,” Hubert Mokrzycki explains. Goodnight Warsaw has a total of 12 partners on the sales side, and is planning to increase this number as the company grows.

Most of the apartments are not owned by Goodnight Warsaw, but the company is providing a managing system of properties of private investors. “We started from scratch, however each year we are increasing our portfolio of apartments and we are continually expanding to ours and the customer’s satisfaction,” Hubert Mokrzycki says.

Management services with a good reputation

There are many reasons why private investorschoose Goodnight Warsaw for managing their property. “I try to invest all available funds into this business, including bank credits, as it would be impossible to achieve such a growth rate without massive investments. We are never late with our financial commitments, and we are almost doubling our income on annual level”, Hubert Mokrzycki points out.

There are many competitors involved in this business, but the Goodnight Warsaw team is ambitious and thrilled with the challenge. Also, the company strategy of grouping a few apartments at one location brings a competitive advantage for Goodnight Warsaw thanks to possibility of accommodating larger group of people not only single travellers. Besides, it provides both cleaning and mobile reception cost decrease emphasises the owner of Goodnight Warsaw. “We do not have conference rooms, so we are considering managinga building with a number of apartments, and conference and dining space, in the near future. This might happen thanks to cooperation with developers”, he adds.

“Most of our apartments have the excellent location in the very city centre of Warsaw which is absolutely convenient for people who are working in this area. Our clients can go to a meeting on foot or by means of public transportation they can easily and quickly reach different sides of Warsaw, saving a lot of time and hustle, while for motorised clients we can provide private parking spots next to selected apartments. Taking into account living in the city centre our clients can enjoy sightseeing, festivals, concerts, cultural events, exciting nightlife and everything else the Polish capital offers”, Hubert Mokrzycki concludes.

The company uses a sophisticated system to manage reservations. This system enables a good communication to and from the client, and helps the company immediately react to the feedback provided by the clients. “We are using an e-booking system to make reservations and customers get an instant e-mail confirmation with all information about their stay, including how to collect the keys, how to get to the apartment with a map and information about household appliances available at the apartment”, Hubert Mokrzycki explains. With the pace of development of this exciting network scheme, there is no doubt that Goodnight Warsaw will become one of the leading Polish companies providing affordable and pleasant staying experience to the rising number of visitors.


Goodnight Warsaw Apartments
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