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Jacques Germay, General Manager
Jacques Germay, General Manager

MecaTech Cluster, the Walloon Competitiveness Cluster in Mechanical Engineering, is generating unprecedented dynamism with its 230 industrial and academic member entities. Getting its stamp of approval from the Walloon Government in 2006, its creation is tied to the “Marshall Plan”, a program designed to boost Wallonia’s economic recovery.

Uniting enterprises, research and training units around an economically promising field with the aim to increase the innovation, production, and service capacities of its members, MecaTech Cluster’s projects revolve around four strategic orientations: materials and surfaces of the future, comprehensive forming technologies, microtechnologies and mechatronics, and intelligent maintenance.

Speaking about the growing importance of hybridization of technology, Jacques Germay, General Manager, underlines that “the machines and processes of mechanical engineering and their components incorporate an increasingly varied range of scientific fields and state-of-the-art technology. These growing interactions are leading to the ‘hybridization of mechanical engineering,’ which in turn allows for truly ground-breaking innovations. The fact that we are on the cutting edge of these achievements gives real support to the vision of our government.”

The members of the Cluster have raised €164.7 million, including €97.6 million in regional aid apportioned to them. Those numbers stand as a strong guarantee that Jacques Germay’s ambitious action plan and call for increased membership will lead to even greater achievements.

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