Providing the most optimal feeling of mobility in Belgium for 45 years, Hertz Belgium is part of Hertz worldwide, which will be celebrating its centenary next year. As the third player on the Belgian market, Hertz Belgium aims to obtain the largest market share around the Brussels airport and therefore concentrates also on inbound business from other countries. “In Belgium there are many expats working for the EU or NATO and these foreigners know Hertz”, Henk van den Helder, General Manager Hertz Rent A car Benelux, explains.

Differentiating themselves from their competition, Hertz Belgium is the only car rental company which offers premium brands and dream cars such as Maserati or Jaguar F-Type. “Our desire is to be the best, not the biggest”, Henk van den Helder points out. The company also focuses on the ‘off airport market’ and the car replacement business. “We are a supplier for lease companies, so we provide temporarily cars whenever necessary”, he adds.

With the objective to grow in the expat market, especially when it comes to expats living in Belgium for a shorter period, Hertz developed their ‘MINI lease’ offer, which is affordable and extremely flexible. The ‘MINI lease’ is pro rata, so the contract can be terminated at any time after the minimum lease of 30 days, and customers can even change the colour or size of the car without penalty. Their second brand called Thrifty car rental is an economic car rental and works with brokers, so the company can serve every customer.

Hertz is very flexible, which is why one third of their customers are on 30 days+ rental. The company is dedicated to providing the best experience, highest quality and the smoothest process for their clients. “Hertz is saying YES! We don’t say no. For long-term customers, we can even buy the specific car they want”, Henk van den Helder emphasizes.

“With us it will never HERTZ!”, Henk van den Helder promises.