ARPIMED aimed at launching home production of medicines in Armenia

Arpimed, Main Entrance

“ARPIMED” pharmaceutical company was established by Vachagan Ghazaryan and co-founders in 2001 aimed at launching home production of medicines in Armenia. The company is engaged in manufacturing of essential medicines, prophylactic and medicinal agents used in stomatology, antiseptic and disinfecting solutions. “ARPIMED” LLC has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 and GMP Certificates by German “TÜV Rheinland” and French “AB Certification” companies correspondingly. It has also applied for the local (European standards) GMP Certificate lately; inspections are under way at the plant.

The company manufactures over 150 types of OTC medicines (tablets, capsules, oral solutions and solutions for topical use, ointments, sterile solutions for injections and sterile ointments), and 80 percent of them is included in the list of basic drugs. The quality of imported raw materials (mainly European origin), intermediate and finished products is controlled in the Quality Control Laboratory, which is equipped with up-to-date analytical equipment purchased from Europe.

Apart from the local market, products are marketed abroad. Namely, 30% of total turnover is exported to Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan. Arpimed is seeking new product markets in Middle East.


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