Customised Insurance Products That Stand the Test of Time

Maurice Amogola, CEO
Maurice Amogola, CEO

International financial-services provider AON, which operates in more than 120 countries, specialises in risk-management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage as well as human-resources solutions and outsourcing support. In Uganda, AON is driving the development of the country’s rapidly growing insurance sector and has positioned itself as the ideal local partner for both local and foreign investors. AON Uganda grew out of an insurance enterprise founded in Kampala in 1954 and offers a winning combination of globally proven expertise and in-depth local knowledge.

AON Uganda is the country’s leading provider of customised risk-management and insurance products as well as human-capital consulting services. As Ceo maurice amogola explains, “We listen to our clients and work with each one to find a tailored solution.” AON Uganda serves customers in every sector of the ugandan economy and is constantly adding to its portfolio of offerings.

Thanks to its expertise in riskmanagement, AON Uganda can provide a reliable assessment of risk exposure for both businesses and individuals and can create an insurance package which fulfils each client’s specific needs. Maurice Amogola points out, “our competitive advantage lies in our human capital and in the fact that our solutions resonate with local risks. Our focus is on developing products that stand the test of time – not quick fixes.”

Insurance sector set for rapid growth

AON Uganda works closely with the Ugandan government, keeping up to date on macroeconomic developments and complying on all regulatory requirements. Maurice Amogola, who serves on the executive committee of the ugandan association of Insurance Brokers, notes that uganda’s insurance sector is still in the early stages, comprising only 0.6% of GDp. He adds that this figure is set to expand significantly over the next few years as the ugandan government and regulatory bodies step up their efforts to inform the local public about the need for insurance. AON has made a long-term commitment to Uganda and supports a number of community-service projects throughout the country. Earlier this year, aon Uganda raised funds for the St. Anthony school for the Deaf in masaka through a global aon initiative called pass it on. “Pass it on is an AON corporate-social-responsibility campaign across the world.

AON Uganda continues to boost the balance sheets of its various clients and, together with its insurance partners, anticipates paying claims of around €3 million (UGX10 billion) this year – a €1.2 million (UGX4 billion) increase over 2011. Maurice Amogola is very positive about Uganda’s future and about the future of his company. Urging european investors to look into opportunities in uganda, he says, “it is so important for investors coming into the country to have a reliable, progressively minded risk partner. Not only have we been around for decades, but we also work closely with government and all regulatory units. our span of influence is sector-wide, and we are tremendously proud of that.”

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