Successful Pharmaceuticals Enterprise Welcomes European Suppliers

Abacus ‘Pharma Limited’

Abacus Pharma Rwanda, launched in 2003, provides a wide range of products to hospitals and retail pharmacies in Rwanda, including medicines, injections, surgical products, and generic and branded pharmaceuticals. The company has earned a strong reputation for its service, high-quality products and attractive prices.

P. Rakesh Kumar, Operations Director, explains that Abacus Pharma Rwanda’s pharmaceuticals sales are evenly divided between generic and branded products, and that Rwanda offers a market for both types of pharmaceuticals. He says, “We would like to offer more generic products since Rwanda is still a developing and price sensitive market. There is growing demand for branded products as well, and we welcome more partnerships with suppliers in Europe as well as India and Thailand. I am particularly looking for European suppliers of generic products.”

Abacus Pharma aims to expand in Rwanda by adding new products to its portfolio, including dental and lab equipment, and by opening two new branches. “We are looking for financing in order to expand and we are open to partnerships with European suppliers of dental and lab equipment,” P. Rakesh Kumar points out. He adds, “I like working with European companies because there is never a question about quality.” Abacus Pharma has positioned itself as a reliable partner in Rwanda for healthcare-product companies.

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